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We ensure that you receive a fair payment for your music.

We ensure that you receive a fair payment for your music.

Earn money each time your music is used. We take work off your hands, check where and when your music is used, nationally and internationally, look after licensing, distribution and a fair pay-out.

Simply manage your music and royalties online.

View your account statements, analyses and status reports. Register your works, edit your personal data, research via our database or find out details on the allocation of the pay-outs – all online!

Get the most out of workshops, insurances, performances and much more.

Expand your own network further and use our diverse range of topics. Play it safe and benefit from our insurances – e.g. for your first music video shoot – and learn more about exclusive gig opportunities.

Joy Smith

Joy Smith

Since I have had the support from GEMA, it has become much easier for me to indulge in and focus on my passion, my music. GEMA stands up for a fair remuneration of my works and has an open ear whenever I have a question.

Rainer Bielfeldt

Rainer Bielfeldt

Our GEMA ensures that I am remunerated fairly for my lyrics and compositions – even, and particularly, when I’m not personally on stage.
And it is amazing that we, with over 70,000 members, can have an important say in the shaping and the implementation of online and offline copyright. Together we’re strong!

Only €4,17 per month ***

Earn what you deserve as an artist! Join 72,000 satisfied members whose creativity is appreciated and fairly paid.

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